Mask in Style


To our Revive community,

 We are very proud of our team. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we have continued to provide essential supplies for the safety of our staff and customers.

The health and safety of our employees continues to be our top priority. We have implemented numerous changes to normal operating policies to respond to COVID-19, including additional sanitizing and implementing social distancing practices. Revive will continue to evaluate and adjust policies to adapt to the changing needs of our team and customers.

We remain committed to supporting our customers who are working to keep our citizens and our cities and states safe and healthy at this time.

Commitment from Our Team

To protect employees and customers, we have implemented the following measures:

  • CDC-recommended sanitization and physical distancing measures at all times.

  • Access to protective materials including, but not limited to, hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, and disinfecting wipes.

  • Following Jackson Co requirements and not allowing more than 10 people in our store at once.

  • Adjusted Customer Pick Up procedures, including limits to the number of customers allowed in at one time.

  • Revive Team members and customers are required to wear a mask while on premise.

    • If you have a matter that does not allow you to wear a mask, we encourage shopping on our website or social media outlets. 

  • Curb-side pickup available for purchased goods.  


Should you notice or see anything at our store that doesn’t line up with our commitment, please bring it to one of our team members’ attention. We appreciate your time, help, and support in our fight for a healthier community.

The Revive Team